We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow. By 1:00pm most of it was gone. But about 8:00am, we took off hiking through the Northwood Forest Preserve. There were plenty of breath-taking views on the walk through the woods.

It always starts out the same way...on the trail head.
Always anxious to see what's ahead. It was quiet this morning...and cold.

Occasionally the snow would be blown out of the trees by the wind....or by Michael grabbing on to one of the branches and shaking. It was not easy capturing snow falling...

As I started to look around, I saw tiny things nearly buried in the snow, little seedlings looked as though they were breaking out of a shell...looking for the sunshine.

I loved these brown, seemingly transparent leaves.

 Contrast between the softness of snow and ruggedness of wood.

Once an artist....always an artist. However, a new medium.

 We were hiking around this snow/ice covered lake. Very beautiful.
Hiking through the woods was a bit adventurous because of the slippery ice.
We were very happy to finally find the trail again. I adore these peaceful times.

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