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Showing posts from March 13, 2011

Business of Life

One of my earlier posts this year was about The Wave. I described to you that we miraculously saw God's hand wave in front of us as we were navigating our way into this new home. That was the end of December when we saw detail after detail just melt into permission that we were supposed to live here and nowhere else. We still look back, totally amazed, get a little teary eyed, thank God for His blessing to us and breathe a sigh of complete peacefulness as we know we are finally home. Having people help us move made it so much easier, and of course, we were completely grateful and thankful for each one of them. But that only lasts for just one day. After the movers are gone, the avalanche of boxes, the misplaced furniture and the bags of who-knows-what cause a severe case of claustrophobia and the job of migrating them from room to room really takes a toll on our physical well-being. A visit from four of our five children, and a grand-daughter, only two weeks after we arrived here