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Painting by: Melody Hogan, 2009 O k, this is not CSI or 24 or Bones. All of which would believe fingerprints to be the key to unlocking the case, to knowing for sure who has been there or could this be evidence enough to convict. These days, with all the forensic evidence techniques that are in use, it's only one key piece that can help solve a mystery. Whether a crime has been committed or not, fingerprints are used in a variety of ways. W hen I was working towards becoming a teacher in Pinellas County Florida schools, it was imperative that a fingerprint/background check be done prior to my being allowed to work in the schools. It was a bit intimidating, especially when I had to have my fingerprints done a few times...because they couldn't get a very good print. These days there is a new electronic imaging technique that is used instead of an ink blotter. They said there are many points on the print that have to be clear in order for the print to be useabl

Love Love Love

Painting by: Melody Hogan, 2009 W ithin the soul of every human being is the desire to love and be loved. I'm not sure which is easier, to be loved by someone who truly loves you, or to extend yourself in loving others.  There are complications with either one. I n the first case, being loved by someone who truly loves you, there is something very comforting about being loved unconditionally. You never doubt that person's motivation or whether or not you will be loved. It's always there, there's something steady and reassuring about it. The complication is - feeling secure in the idea that you deserve to be loved that much. Allowing yourself to doubt that for a second, adds a layer that is difficult to peel off. Remembering that even God loved us first, before we even knew who He was or what He had in store for us, gives a measure of peace in knowing that we are worthy of love. He created us to love us. We believe others are worthy, we tell them, we lov

Attacking Life - or Attacked by Life?

I n a little over a week, my best friend Charlene will be visiting us for a few days from Florida, actually for my birthday. Haven't seen her for a while and have missed her so much. By profession, Chacha is a personal trainer, nutritionist and all around health fanatic. Boy do we need her right now! I have been thinking about how to explain the state of physical disarray that I've gotten myself into these past few months. The lack of conditioning, the lack of toning, the lack of eating a balanced nutritional meal 3 times a day. This is not going to be easy. And, being the truthful person I am, I have to come up with a reasonable "excuse" to present along with my case. Whatever I say, she will be able to see right through it. S o I began by thinking about how I really and truly feel, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. That is a huge inventory to have to take and right now...honestly,I just don't feel like it. I would rather say that all