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Thanksgiving 2013 - More than just blessings.

Thankful for day breaks, warm tea and slippers. Thankful for heartaches, wrestling for answers and tissues . Thankful for forgiveness, grace, and second, third, fourth chances . Thankful for every minute and hour and day, and memories that can't be shaken . Thankful for family, connections, loving, caring and sharing.      Thankful for a heart that sees beauty, feels deeply and gets wrecked easily. Thankful for music, notes and lyrics, captivating worship, ear buds and Soundhound. Thankful for cuddly puppies, chew toys, laps around the yard and dog crates. Thankful for appetite, feeling hungry, healthy food and recipes. Thankful for warmth on a cold fall/winter day, flicker of flames, blankets and gloves. Thankful for jobs, resources, and tasks constantly moving and changing. Thankful for trails and hiking, tents and camping, walking and running, and ne