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To the Best Dog Ever...

It's never expected. You think they'll live forever. They are loved and adored, given  kibbles, treats and nourishment from special dishes made just for them, groomed at least once in their life whether they like it or not, pampered like there's no tomorrow, treated as one of the family, allowed to sleep on the bed simply because of their cuteness, given permission to claim one part of the couch as their own and nobody better sit there, and easily forgiven for any mistakes they make.  First night at home. They are adopted when they are puppies, endearing us to them in a moments notice. Their puppy-down-fur so soft that if you give them a bath it puffs up like a cotton ball. Using shampoo with a fragrance that resembles baby powder, they can, for a few hours, carry that sweet smell that reminds you of a baby. You just want to plant your nose in the middle of it and take a deep breath. Kinda weird, but you'll know what I mean if you've ever done this. Nego