Impromptu Snow(girl) Photo Session

I didn't really have a photo session planned this weekend. But with Beth, Lil and Tracy's visit, there was a moment that became a must-shoot and I made a mad dash into the house for the D70. We had the second measurable snowfall of the season on Thursday, the first being back in October. After visiting the NH Children's Museum in Dover, it was just too nice to be inside. 

I love outdoor photography. I love the softness of the light, the snow and the crisp air.

 The snow was perfect for packing and rolling into a snowman, so we gave it a go. All the while, I'm wondering why does it have to be a snow"man?" Why can't anyone ever put a feminine twist on it? We had a good laugh about it, and eventually there was a little girly flair to the creature when it was all done. (notice the evergreen skirt at the finish)

Adding the necessary facial features was important, along with completing the look with essential scarf, stick arms and gloves. Although, it became a team effort, Lily was the most excited.

Feeling very proud and happy with the results!

  Lily loved playing in the snow, although, it didn't take long for her fingers to be frozen in her little MandM gloves. 

Just before the snow"girl" creation, we had been sledding down the hill from our backyard to the driveway. After a number of runs, the snow was in perfect shape for ending up in the middle of the driveway. It wasn't until Beth and Tracy came home that the fun evolved into snow ball slinging, ganging up on Poppy (girl power) and the idea that building something resembling a snowman had to happen. These moments are fun, totally unplanned and sitting here today I wish we could do it all over again.


  1. Looks like so much fun. You got some great pictures of Lily. She is such a beautiful little girl!

  2. Awesome pictures of fun in the snow. As
    always great shots of our Lil.