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Twitter Trackers, Lent and Cadbury Eggs

Think about this for a minute. Have you ever made the decision that you were going to buy a new/used car, decided on the kind of car, let's say a mint green Fiat, and for the next month or until you actually buy a car, you see nothing but mint green Fiat's on the highway? Or how about this, you absolutely love and adore chocolate, but your diet doesn't. So, you decide that for the next month, you were going to avoid anything chocolate, i.e. candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate shakes, even chocolate croissants. I know, that's the worst. But as soon as you made that decision, everything you see, smell and think about resembles chocolate. All you have to do is see a picture of a chocolate cupcakes and your mouth waters and you can smell them baking in the oven. But the point is your mind is fixated on it until the buzzer goes off on the clock and you're free to eat that chocolate once again. I'm convinced that our mind plays tricks on us, thoughtles