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Showing posts from November 16, 2014

The Thanksgiving Thing

I’ve made Thanksgiving too much of a thing. You know, the thing that you pull out of your tradition closet once a year that’s covered in pilgrims, orange candles and turkey. That thing wrapped around family, fireplaces, candy corn and pumpkin pie, not to be outdone shortly by red and white candy canes and peppermint. You make the most of it, for even in the retail stores, it’s truly short lived. Before the day even happens, all the fall looking decorations are on sale and Santa’s, lights and stockings are overflowing the bins in the aisle. Thanksgiving has its moments, but I’ve still made it a thing. A thing I miss, a thing I resent, a thing I have a hard time looking forward to. Because, it’s not really a thing, anymore.  The thing it used to be was weeks of preparation and anticipation. Recipe folders opened on the table, hours of reminiscing about last year’s stuffing, marinate for the turkey or which was the absolute best dessert and can it get any better. Organize