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Showing posts from January 23, 2011

The Wave

We have been in our home for two weeks already. In between shovelling out of snowstorms that have been pounding the area, there are boxes in each room that need to still be unpacked, window coverings that need to be hung, books that need to be put on the shelves and clothes that need to be put away. Just as we were getting enough done to be somewhat functional, four of our five children came to visit, along with our granddaughter, Lily. We have been overwhelmed and blown away by their presence, energy, laughter and joy. We didn't even notice or remember that we still have lots to do to be organized and efficient in our new space. Our plans to have a place for each one to sleep were successful, we had ample transportation and the menu selections worked out great. We ate out a couple too many times, but it didn't matter, we were together. As much as we marveled at the fact that we were together as a family, we still marvel at the absolute miracle that we are in this house at all