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Just Simply - Now OPEN!!

Life changes on a dime. We've all been there. That one moment in time you won't ever forget that seemed to change everything. Your direction, your focus, priority, energy, emotions, everything. Whether you wanted it to or not. Sometimes it's a surprise, other times, it's planned. Like the birth of a baby, could be either! Or taking on a new job, could be planned. Or the loss of a job, probably unplanned. A car accident, way unplanned. Getting a new car after the accident, also unplanned. Could be planned, maybe you wanted a new one anyway and this was an excuse to finally do it. Finding just the right dress for a party, planned. Running across it in the least expected place, unplanned. And then there's all the tragic, unexpected things that happen. Never planned.

Transitions, in whatever form, are never cookie-cutter simple, smooth around the edges or follow a well organized checklist. It's messy. It's disorienting. It's chaotic. But somehow, on some other dime, the dust settles, the sun comes out, and life starts to feel manageable. Thank goodness. For if it didn't, it would be really hard to breathe again.

Having had such a moment recently with the loss of my job, I began a soul searching process of what to do next. One huge question kept staring me in the face. Over the past decade, have I been working out of my passion? Or has it simply been for the paycheck, because I had the ability to do the work, or my perceived need to do something for the greater good? Then I looked at the cost of giving my emotional attention, time and energy to those places of employment for those years. Was I merely working for someone else's retirement or had I adequately prepared for my own. Was it taking a toll on my physical, mental or emotional health? Was I only helping someone else live their passion and dream? I can tell you, the conclusion was that it's not about me. At all. Suddenly, I felt all alone and empty, like I had wasted precious time.

In that second I could see my passion drifting by, along with the years. The realization happened... life needed to change, I wanted it to change. No more waiting for something, someday, somewhere, or someone. It's either now or never. My heart wants to just simply do photography. I'm not reinventing the lightbulb, or finding a cure for the common cold. I just want to take photographs. Of people, places and things. Beautiful people, which is everyone. Beautiful places because they are endless. Things, because they can interest me profoundly. So much so, that I want everyone to notice them, own them, hang them on their walls, pass them down to their heirs.

I am captivated by light and how it falls on the subject, behind the subject, around the subject.

I am so taken by contrast of textures, colors, light and dark, in which the beauty is the focus and what the eye is drawn to is something that needs to be observed.

Every person, every scene, each object has a story. Each has a soul and wants the world to acknowledge it. Deserves for the world to acknowledge that it's all part of a grander picture, bigger than any one thing or person or place. I love capturing the sum of emotions that shine through the eyes of a person, doesn't matter if they are young or old. That sparkle of light that reflects back to me their inner self, which might be normally hidden, tucked away or forgotten. Others might not see it, but I see it. And that is one reason why I take photos, to reveal the true person inside.

Shakespeare said, "all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players." Each person has a role, but we're not actors performing someone else's days, we're just living our own and that needs to be applauded and recorded, to assist with remembering.

So, Just Simply Photography, a.k.a. Debbie Daniele Photography, is now officially open for business. To start, let's connect. I would love to know about your family, when was the last time you actually had a family portrait taken, what events are coming up in which you need photos.  Click here to browse Just Simply Photography website. On the opening page, you can click the arrow to launch the music player and see slides of some of my favorite photos. Then click the Browse Site button to enter the website, take a look at the photo collections, view the portrait videos that I've created for clients after their recent session, read through the Blog section. All my previous blogs have been archived here, and most have photos that I've taken over the years. This blog restarts my regular posting process to share my work and love for all things beautiful.

We can also connect on Facebook. Chances are, that's where you saw this post in the first place!  Leave me comments on what you see, what you like, what you'd like to see. Weekly posts should keep you up to date on what's happening, any current specials, and as always, it's a place to connect. You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you're inspired and want to book a session, you can do that, too, just click on the Schedule Session button and complete the request form. As always, if you have any questions, there's a contact page. You will never regret having those heirloom portraits taken, printed and framed. Hang them on your wall, I guarantee those images will warm your heart and make you smile every time you pass by. Currently, I work remotely, or on location. We can decide when and where together!  My studio is everywhere!

Let the photos begin, Just Simply Photography is now open! All models welcome!!


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