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Christmas: 5 Days and Counting - Do They Know It's Christmas?

More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity , by Jeff Shinabarger, is a book that I'm currently reading. It's quite appropriate for this season of year, what with giving being the theme and all. In the book, Jeff is challenging the reader to consider the fact that truthfully, we all have enough. Of everything. Food, clothes, shoes, toys, stuff. And if you were to stop and really think about it, having so much stuff can create stress, an organizational challenge, and feelings like we've reached the saturation point. It's easy when it becomes a burden to say that enough is enough. But when you're heading to the mall or your favorite store, or searching for that new pair of shoes, admitting that enough is enough doesn't even come close to being on your radar.  One of the stories Jeff tells in the book is the challenge he had after Christmas one year. In January when the credit card bill came, they didn't have the money to pay off what they spe