Up before the Sun

There's something about getting up early. It's quiet and still. But here in Maine, it's cold. Warm feet hit the floor, usually sliding into slippers, and not too long after you turn up the heat, things are warmed up and you don't actually mind the hour on the clock. But this morning, 6am came early, it was still dark and it was cold. We jumped out of bed, raced to dress warmly and ran out the door. We were racing the sun. Our goal was to get to Wolfe's Neck Park to see the sun come up over the water. Not the perfect place to see the sunrise in Maine, but it's close and it's beautiful.

We hiked down the hill to the water through the snow, ice and evergreen trees. It was quiet, still, and cold, very cold. We made it in time to see the sun peeking through the clouds low on the horizon. With frozen fingers we took as many pictures as we could, trying to capture the quiet, the stillness, the cold, the snow, the forest, the sunrise. Thoughts about how good God is, how amazing He was to create such beauty, how faithful He is, just come to the surface. It's hard to be in such a place and not see evidence of His presence.

I don't necessarily have to get up every morning in time to see the sunrise, I know it will and without a doubt it will be spectacular. But on occasion, like when family or friends are here to visit, it's a real special experience to share. They see the beauty in Maine for that one moment like we see on a daily basis. Sharing our love for New England is so rewarding!

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