so Romantic.

It all starts here. A quiet moment, the smell of baby lotion or baby powder, the warmth and softness of their skin and the fact that their head can rest under the chin with such a perfect fit. Motherhood is a very romantic time. The best times were in the evening,  dinner and dishes done, baby bathed and in snuggley pj's, cuddling, rocking, until their body relaxed into that limp, lifeless, sleeping posture. Their breathing slows and you can just tell they are in for a deep sleep for the night. And, following without a beat, your own spirit settles softly into an "eyes at half mast" feeling. Wanting to wait until you know for sure the angelic being you are embracing is indeed asleep, you wait 5 maybe 10 minutes before arising to lay them down in their crib.

I feel very fortunate to be among the elite category of women, those who hold the title of Grandma or Grandmother or Gramma. Whatever you call it, it can also be a romantic time as well. As I watch my daughter gently loving her son, caring for him, nurturing him, comforting him, it's as if the time machine turns back by quantum leaps to the exact moment I was doing all those things for her. It's a time when you know that you know that you know what love is. God has given us this wonderful time to enjoy and if we're still enough, His still small voice will instruct us and remind us that He loves us even more. As a mother and a Grandmother, we can't imagine that there is anymore love than this. But then, with one little grin or smile, or the reach of their hand towards your face you fall in love all over again.

Right now, I'm so thankful to have photographs that capture that moment in time for my daughter and her son. They are priceless. I have to admit there is a twinge of regret that I didn't have them for those same moments when she was his size. If indeed I can find anything remotely close to it, I'll share them at another time. But the truth is that they are all still in my minds eye. I am thankful for those moments, thankful she is able to have her own moments and thankful for the special feelings that being a mom and Gramma has brought to me. It is so romantic!

~photo by Jami Dale~

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