Can it get any more precious?

Michael walked out to the car, said to me "I'm going to give her to you, then drive the car around." What? Oh, we were at the airport last night to pick up Beth and Bre. It was late, and you know the airports - they don't let you wait by the curb for your arriving party. So, we were across the street in the waiting lot. He walks over, as I open up the door, he hands me this bundle that turned out to be Lily. Lily was sound asleep. I mean she didn't even feel the cold air when he walked outside.

The beauty about little children sleeping so soundly is that you see every little detail of their face, their lips so pressed together, their eye lashes glued against their cheeks, their hair in a tussle. At this moment especially, they are so kissable! As I'm cradling her in my arms she has no idea that I'm holding her. I kiss her forhead and tell Michael how precious everything about her is, to which he agrees, but adds "she's getting so heavy!" He had been inside the airport holding her for some time while waiting for the bags. No, she's not the tiny baby she once was, she's growing up so fast. Even upon arriving home, Lily was still sound asleep. So, guess we'll have to wait until she wakes up this morning.

We are hoping she likes it here, in Maine, where there's snow on the ground, there's little Maxx to nip at her slippers, where it's colder than at home. Either way, we're so thrilled to have her visit us. And we're so glad she brought her Mommie and Auntie Bre.

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