Snow, feng-shui and Jabez.

It’s a snowy, blog writing, cozy up by the fire, and hug a bowl of chili kind of day. You know the kind that makes you want to stay under a blanket and read a good book or watch a movie, or give your blog a facelift. It seems the busyness of a page gets to me after a while and a fresh, clean look is necessary. We’ve done that in our home recently. Rearranged rooms, added decorative features, cleaned – deep cleaned. And I love how that feels. Everything is feng-shui. Wikipedia describes it this way, “philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment.”  I could not agree more. Creating space that’s habitable, organized, peaceful is so at the core of me.  It’s relaxing, comforting and most of all, allows me to do something besides focus on what needs to be done. On to projects that have been on the sidebar much too long.

These sort of days give me time to think, create, plan. There’s nothing like taking a long view of the month or year ahead and seeing what could be. Michael and I have been listening for a theme for the coming months. The kind of theme that runs through your thoughts, your visions, captures your energy, keeps you up at night. This year, there are several themes, that sort of build on each other. For years, we have been praying the Prayer of Jabez, expecting God to do amazingly huge things in our life. This year is a year of gathering those blessings we’ve asked for, and for expanding our territory. It’s also a time to focus beyond ourselves, investing in what is least, and doing so with love overflowing.

There will be plenty of time to elaborate on these as the days go by. Needless to say, I’m hoping I can capture the richness of our experiences in both writing and photos. But for now, that blanket on the couch and a hot bowl of chili just can’t wait. I love snowy days.