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Photography Interrupted

Without even realizing it, my daughter has given me a very big gift. Being an avid reader, she is never without something new and exciting to read. A while ago, she told me about this author that she really loves, Jen Hatmaker. Never heard of her. Never heard of her books either. But she has a new one out called "7." She told me about another awesome book, Breaking Free by Beth Moore. (But that's another story). Anyway, I decided to download 7 when it was only $7 on the Nook. A year from now, I venture a guess that it will have been the best $7 spent this year.

The basic premise is that it's an experiment that Jen underwent with her family to rid of excess. Excess of food, clothing, wasting time on electronic devices, etc. She spent an entire month, four weeks, living by a strict rule of seven, 7 food choices, 7 articles of clothing, etc. And it wasn't just about what was absent in those months, it's about what filled the space instead. Since I haven't finished reading the entire book yet, I'm assuming that it's an exercise in recalibrating ones inner self as to what is truly important, about controlling quickly shifting priorities and encompassing only what is significant and meaningful. It's also about learning to do life with less and allowing what should be more in your life to emerge, naturally, organically, spirit-led.

Actually, my daughter gave me two gifts. First is the book. Amazing. Thank you. The second, is to join her on this journey. How precious it will be to share this experience with its highs and lows, its radical, although creative elements, its plethora of questions and answers, its precious lessons learned and the emotional wrecking that sure to happen. (Being the empathetic - really, ultra sensitive person I am.) Truly, I've already been blessed, by her simple request.

If you haven't heard of the book, here's a short video. And her website.


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