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Six Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Six

The number 6,326 just happens to be:

The number of miles we put on the car over the past month on our trip.
The number of miles we shared driving, about 2 hours on, 2 hours off. Worked great, never got too tired.
The number of miles we watched landscape of America go by, state after state. Each unique, each beautiful.
The number of miles we drove in anticipation of a dozen different destinations - each for a special purpose.
The number of miles we spent in the car with all of our stuff. Too much stuff. Next time, not so much.
The number of miles we shared the inside space of our car with our dog Maxx. He was really good.
The number of miles we were together talking, dreaming, planning, thinking, reminiscing, sharing memories of childhood, looking for our next opportunity, hoping for fingerprints.
The number of miles routed on the GPS. What did we do without them.
The number of miles sitting. Seemed like waaay too many after a while.
The number of miles hyped up on caffeine. Either coffee, pepsi or chai tea.
The number of miles we felt God protecting us, guiding us, leading us, watching us.
The number of miles wondering the outcome of our adventure.
The number of miles enjoying the freedom of the road, realizing it can take you anywhere.
The number of miles realizing the true value of being settled and established in a place of our own. Knowing we are heading for just that place is exciting.
The number of miles we felt our love growing stronger between us. Amazing love.
The number of miles that came between us - zero. It was a wonder-filled, never to be forgotten experience.
Here's to a million more....


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