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Maxx - You Just Don't Cut It

Don't get me wrong, I love our little Maltese puppy Maxx. He's cute, cuddley, fun to play with, goes outside for the most part....all the things you want a puppy to be. But when it comes to providing life in the house, unless he's running laps around the table or momentarily barking at a much larger dog walking by...he just doesn't cut it. And that is more noticeable today than ever.

Beth, Bre and Lily left this morning and it's just TOO quiet! As of this writing, they are still trying to get out of the airport, due to malfunctions and my guess, snow. For the past few days, the house here in Maine has seen a lot of life, fun, love and laughter, many times centered around Lily. Last night it was her rendition of "if you like it you better put a ring on it" by Beyonce. We've seen a few of these versions on youtube, but live and in person, her imitating Beyonce's version was priceless. Or it was her flashing the "i love you sign" and getting it right back. It was her repertoire of childrens songs sung in the car on the way home from dinner. It was the building of the snowman in the backyard, complete with a carrot nose. It was how she picked up Maxx, as if he were a doll, and carried him around the house. We were surprised he let her do that. It was her covering her mouth when we were tubing down the hills. No snow went in her mouth, but it all went in her eyes, which she kept open so as not to miss a thing.

A lot of distance between us was erased, and our sights are set on future gatherings. A great time was had by all of us, so much so that we are exhausted! Our ever expanding family is a fingerprint from God that He is still in charge, He still loves us and still wants the best for us. And I gotta say, it feels great and I am truly grateful with all my heart. The only thing is -  we've gotta do something about this "quiet" in the house! I guess it's time to chase Maxx around the table.


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