Will you be one of the TEN? Or how about a friend?

My last blog described how I'm moving into photo sessions designed for newborns. Who doesn't love a newborn! OMG, how precious can they be? Equally as elegant are the mom's-to-be photo sessions. This is a most amazing time for any parent and to have photos to look back on are a treasure.

Today, there's so much beauty in being pregnant, the clothes and styles have dramatically turned into a sexy, beautiful, 9 month celebration. When I was having my two children, the styles were all about hiding your extra appendage so that it wasn't noticeable. Showing any part of the stomach, full of baby was totally uncool. And you did everything you could to cover up that belly button that was forever poking out. Dresses and shirts were not becoming of anyone's shape or form. And the fabrics left much to be desired. It didn't feel like a celebration at all. Nothing about it made you feel pretty. There was no pride in wearing something that looked too small considering the increasing circumference of the midsection. Today, it's such a wonderful thing to see that society and individuals have changed, and that pregnancy is a thing to be amazed by and proud to wear.

One of my mentors is Ana Brandt. I'm absolutely, 100%, completely in L-O-V-E with her photography, energy and passion for all thing maternity and newborn. I have learned so much from her work and am totally inspired by every photo she takes.

She once said to pregnant moms who were there for a photo session, "what I need from you is for you to be Open and Amazing." That's it. When you're open and amazing, the photos just happen. Your natural beauty radiates and your inner spirit just shines.

"Be open and amazing."

So mom's to be...let me know if you're ready to do photos, ready to be brave and be open and amazing! Pick out your most favorite things to wear, or very little to wear, put on your most beautiful face and let's find an incredible location.

If you are among the first TEN people to sign up, your session is FREE, and so are 12 digital photos. You'll be able to view them on a private page and even order prints and enlargements at a ridiculously low price! Once TEN have booked, the deal is over, so make sure you in the count.

And at the same time, since you'll know your approximate due date, we can begin scheduling your newborn photos. These should be done within 7-12 days. They're asleep most of the time anyway so why not get some great shots and you can have some well deserved rest!

Contact me day or night. Email works, too. I look forward to working with you!

Debbie Daniele

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